Glute training - Our top exercises for growth & strength

Glute training - Our top exercises for growth & strength

Training your glutes has many importances. They help you look great aesthetically but they are also needed for developing strength & power. 

 We've included some of our top exercises for strong, symmetrical & great looking set of glutes!! Add some or all of these into your lower body program or stand alone glute day.



We are going to start with an isolation exercise that does a good job of targeting all 3 muscles in the glutes.


  • strengthen & build glutes without adding extra volume to legs

Attach ankle cuff to one of your legs and attach cable. Holding onto cable machine with a neutral spine, perform a kickback initiating the movement with your glutes. Hold an isometric contraction at the top of the movement for 1-2 seconds and lower the weight slowly to starting position. 

Glute cable kickback




  • The ability to directly target the glutes with medium to heavy loads to really drive strength that can carry over to other lifts. 
  • Really drive the mind muscle connection while protecting your lower back. Once again keeping the stimulus to the legs at a minimum while adding volume to the glutes

Use hip thrust pad if needed. Add plates to barbell (preferably bumper plates) and roll bar up to your hips. Bringing your feet closer to your body, start by driving hips up and placing upper back on the bench. Keeping your chin tucked, lower hips under control towards the floor, squeezed your glutes and drive hips back up to starting position. Hold for 1-2 seconds and lower the weight.

barbell hip thrust



Everyones most hated favourite exercise!


  • ability to work legs independently to help with any imbalances
  • greater load placed on working leg
  • great exercise to target the glute as well as hamstrings

Holding two dumbbells place one foot on elevated surface (bench, box or chair can work). Applying pressure to the full foot, lower yourself into the squat while keeping torso as upright as possible (no need for excessive forward lean). Stand back up to starting position and repeat.

If balance is an issue you can start with an assisted variation by using offhand to hold onto a stable surface for balance.

Want to make these more gruelling? Try elevating the front foot for even more ROM (good luck).

Bulgarian split squat


Underrated rated exercise for building up the whole posterior chain includes hamstrings and glutes


  • Again we are working on asymmetries within the legs 
  • Great for building up the glutes, hamstrings and rest of posterior chain
  • If you're an athlete it is a great movement for transfer into sport

Holding onto the landmine in the opposite hand from working leg, perform rdl by pushing hips back & lowering barbell with a neutral spine (do not arch back). Don't worry about depth here, focus on feel a good stretch in the hamstring and glutes. Once this is achieved, squeeze glutes and drive hips (not raising your back) forward to starting position. You should feel a nice glute pump from doing these and If you've never done this variation be prepared to be sore for a couple days.

landmine Single leg rdl


We hope this starter guide kickstarts some new found glute growth and adds some new aspects to your training regime!

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