How to care for your activewear - 5 tips

How to care for your activewear - 5 tips

We live in a day and age where active wear isn't just for the gym. Whether it's sports bras, shorts or the very versatile leggings, activewear has been the go to for our daily everyday wear.

How can we make sure we get the longest life and use out of our activewear?

  1. Air dry your clothing. Putting your clothes in a dryer will effect the shape and quality of the fabrics which will eventually lead to holes and rip.
  2. Avoid the use of fabric softeners. Fabric softeners will apply a film on the fabric which will help to hold in odours and bacteria. If possible soak clothing in a water/vinegar mix prior to washing.
  3. Like fabric softener detergent can trap odour causing bacteria to get trapped within fibres of clothing. Try to use detergent sparingly or go with a brand such as WIN activewear detergent.
  4. Wash clothing in cold water. It is less likely to shrink and fade clothing which is what we want in order to make our clothing last.
  5. Lay your leggings flat to dry. Hanging damp leggings or anything with elastic properties with cause them to stretch and sag. Lay them flat (preferably on a towel) to dry.

We hope these tips go a long way in adding sustainability to your activewear clothing!!

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